Cobo CC is proud to provide cricket to an ever growing junior section, with an experienced, passionate and enthusiastic coaching team featuring Mike Kinder, Dec Martel, Matt Merrien, and Hannah Eulenkamp.


Taking over the reigns from the GCB in 2018, the junior section comprises of three age groups who train regularly throughout both the winter and summer. The  players also benefit from a number of indoor cricket matches during the winter and of course plenty of outdoor games during the summer season.


As a club we wanted to take the players' development one stage further by reintroducing the ‘Cobo Colts’ last seen on a cricket field in lowly division 7 some 15 years ago! The players, who are mostly aged 15 upwards, although there are some even younger playing, have thrived and bonded as a team and certainly hold their own against the senior men’s sides.

The aim is to create an additional Cobo side in the evening league divisions with the current crop moving up the pyramid and a new batch filling their places.

The Juniors are currently training indoors at The Grammar School on Tuesday evenings. Please contact cobocricket@gmail.com for more details.